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Success stories

Pursuing a life of purpose

As the academic heart of the university, The College educates and supports the largest and most diverse student population. Students of all ages and backgrounds graduate as socially aware, critical thinkers with the tools and mindset to succeed in their future careers and also in their community and day-to-day life. Read the stories of success of some of our outstanding students, recent graduates, alumni and faculty.

Mother-son duo pursue English degrees, thrive at ASU

Mother and son Stacey and Micah McCreary had the unique experience of studying English alongside one another at The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in the Department of English. While Stacey pursued her bachelor's and master's degrees in English literature through The College's 4+1 program, Micah earned a triple major in English, French and political science, with a minor in Chinese and a certificate in international studies. 

"There's no age limit on this school. I feel like a lot of people assume that there might be some sort of a stigma, but I don't think that there is. I think that it's an excellent opportunity for anyone at any stage to come back and get a higher education. And I think that my mom has exemplified that." - Micah McCreary