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When you study history, literature, film and media, language and culture, philosophy, creative writing, rhetoric, linguistics and religion, you prepare yourself for success in a complicated world. You’ll be well equipped to formulate innovative solutions to the problems of our time. You will create a fulfilling career with confidence. Explore the humanities at ASU and blaze your own trail.

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You will learn to research, create, write and imagine better futures in an exciting environment where ideas are freely exchanged. You will be ready to embrace civic responsibility and pursue a life of purpose. 

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Who knows where life will take you? Embrace the adventure. The Humanities teach skills that will serve you well no matter what your future holds. Creative thinking, problem solving, innovation, effective writing and research: these are the abilities every employer wants. And a Humanities degree is an ideal entryway to law school or graduate study in many different fields. Do what you love: study the Humanities. 

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Through the Humanities you'll gain everything you need to build a rewarding career, a satisfying life, and a better world. 

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Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. 

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